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Kids and Teens

We appreciate our volunteers of all ages! Here are some fun ideas to get your family involved in the Food Bank's work to end hunger.

  1. Donate your birthday! Invite friends to bring food or a gift of money to donate to the Food Bank in your honor.
  1. Set up a beverage stand for neighbors – sell lemonade, iced tea, bottles of water, hot cocoa or cider. Give a portion of what you raise to the Food Bank.*
  1. Bake treats or make popcorn. Sell your snacks and give a portion of the money to the Food Bank.
  1. Get crafty – make and sell your crafts to friends and family. Ask if your parents will match the $$ you collect!
  1. Do some hands-on volunteering at a Family Food Sort in Fairfield! We’re close to the Jelly Belly Factory, just sayin’…
  1. Collect spare change – decorate a jar and start looking under couch cushions. Ask family members to drop off their pocket change at the end of the day. When it’s full, bring it to the Food Bank! We can count it for you and let you know how much you collected.

Young helpers at a neighborhood food drive.

  1. Do something you love and ask for sponsorships. People can pledge to give money to the Food Bank for pages you read, laps you swim, or chores you do.
  1. Hold a garage sale or have a parent sell items on an online treasures site. Donate some of your earnings to the Food Bank.
  1. Hold a Food Drive at your home, camp, school or place of worship. Contact Food & Fund Drive Coordinator for a barrel or boxes.**
  1. Invite people over for movie or game night, charge canned food for admission. Bonus if you show a food documentary like Hungry for Change.

*Monetary donations can be dropped off at either Food Bank warehouse. For hours and locations go to Let us know you’re coming and we can give you a tour.

**For food drives, please contact Food & Fund Drive Coordinator to help with collection boxes and food pick-up. Food & Fund Drive Coordinator can be reached at or call 925-849-8363.

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